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Re: The War Emblem thread

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:38 pm
by tachyon
Astra Emblem(JPN), 2013C. Daiwa Major(JPN) x Black Emblem(JPN) by War Emblem(USA), won in the Osakajo Stakes (Listed) 1800m turf at Hanshin on March 5h 2017.

-- replay
Astra Emblem #1 horse Mirco Demuro

Re: The War Emblem thread

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:58 am
by Colonel John
It's been a while (me posting to the forums and this thread's last update) but I'm itching for some news on War Emblem's sons, daughters, and grandfoals. What has All Blush been up to? Astra Emblem? I'd appreciate any available tidbit :D

Re: The War Emblem thread

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:12 am
by tachyon
-- breeding record of Black Emblem

2011: h. Testament(JPN) (Deep Impact) 26-3-2-2
2012: h. Bright Emblem(JPN) (Neo Universe) G3 winner & G2 placed 13-2-1-0
2013: g. Astra Emblem(JPN) (Daiwa Major) Listed winner & G3 placed 17-5-5-1
2014: m. Aurola Emblem(JPN) (Deep Impact) 8-M-1-2
2015: f. Maroon Emblem(JPN) (Orfevre) 3-1-1-0
2016: f. Victoria(JPN) (Victoire Pisa) 1-1-0-0
2017: f. unnamed(JPN) (Deep Impact)
2018: slipped foal (Black Tide)

Victoria(JPN) was ridden today by Yasunari Iwata who had guided her dam Black Emblem to the G1 Shuka Sho victory 10 years ago, as she won on debut breaking the 2yo track record at Hakodate.
Like her dam, the 2yo filly is trained by Shigeyuki Kojima.

All Blush is said to ship to South Korea to run in the Korea Cup next.