Bingham Quarter Horses need help

Bingham Quarter Horses need help

Postby BornToWin » Sun Oct 05, 2014 6:01 am

ILLINOIS. Rescues are involved to rehome 75 horses. They are not abused. Mostly pasture pets. The widow hasn't kept up with them. Rescues are selling the younger animals for $500 each, and the older ones for $100. Also looking for funding support to feed them. More details in the story.

"The animals belonged to Bingham Quarter Horses LLC, which was owned by Richard and Karen Bingham of Elk Grove Township. The Binghams were active for many years with the American Quarter Horse Association; Richard was a president, and is in the group's Hall of Fame. Their daughter, Kimberly, was also active in the business.

Kimberly died in 2009 and Richard died in 2010, and the horses were forced to move off the farm the Binghams owned in Harvard. They ended up at the Northern Illinois Equine Center in Hampshire."
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