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Re: Jockey/Trainer News - 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:13 pm
by Catalina
Do you remember Big Brown who was on stanozolol so he would eat up, and when there was a fuzz about that, Dutrow took him off the monthly steroid. In the Belmont then, BB was like a totally different horse.

That's the appeal for using steroids, and for using steroids repeatedly. The incidence of steroid application ahead of the BC wasn't Masochistic's first go round for between race steroids. Nor was Masochistic the only Ellis horse that received steroids. You may not remember it, but there was extended discussion of this in this folder (Jockey/Trainer News) when the BC first disqualified Masochistic.

Re: Jockey/Trainer News - 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:32 pm
by BaroqueAgain1
In the Belmont then, BB was like a totally different horse.

BB was like a totally different horse in the Belmont because 1) he got stepped on right out of the gate, bending a rear shoe down to an angle that would have made it damn near impossible to run his best, and 2) he and his rider were NOT on the same page for most of the race. He was fighting Kent (and probably just plain mad 'cause his foot hurt), as KD tried to get him through traffic to the outside without running into anyone.
IMHO, that all left the horse angry, distracted and with quite a bit of his energy drained. Kent pulled him up at the top of the stretch because he thought the colt felt "off" and, of course, BB fought him because that's pretty much all they were doing for that race...arguing. :P

Re: Jockey/Trainer News - 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:21 pm
by Sparrow Castle
GrahamMotion @GrahamMotion
6h6 hours ago
This is why I joined, there is no one in the business I respect more than Bill Mott.

Steve Haskin @SteveHaskin
5h5 hours ago
Although I have nothing but gut instinct to back me up and knowing Bill Mott for almost 40 years, there is no way I believe he is in the wrong regarding this medication overage, especially how hard he is willing to fight what he feels is a lab error and a "travesty."

Mott Vows to Fight New York Suspension, Fine
he attorney for Hall of Fame trainer Bill Mott said that he is prepared to press on with Mott’s lawsuit against the New York State Gaming Commission and the New York State Drug Testing Research Program following a Jan. 22 ruling by the NYSGC to uphold penalties of a 15-day suspension and $1,000 fine against Mott stemming from an alleged medication overage from 2014.

Attorney Drew Mollica said a conference is scheduled for Jan. 25 with a state supreme court judge that will include Mott; a representative of the state attorney general’s office representing the gaming commission; and a lawyer for Dr. George Maylin, director of the state’s drug testing and research program.

“We are fully prepared to take this as far as it has to go,” Mollica said. “Their lab screwed up and charged (Mott) with something he didn’t do. Bill is disheartened because this is a travesty. We know the road to justice is a long and hard one, and we’re prepared for it.”

The case against Mott stems from a Sept. 20, 2014, race at Belmont Park wherein the Mott-trained Saratoga Snacks ran sixth and last. New York’s contract lab at Morrisville State College found alleged overages of flunixin (Banamine) and furosemide (Salix) in Saratoga Snacks’ post-race blood sample. However, the lab failed to provide Mott with a sample of the horse’s blood with which to have a split, or referee, sample tested at an independent laboratory.

Moreover, New York labs have had a long history of not providing adequate blood with which independent labs could perform confirmational testing of questionable samples. In what many believe to be a direct result of Mott’s fight against New York regulators, the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association reached an agreement with the gaming commission in November that for the first time guaranteed horsemen would have adequate blood samples to send to an independent lab.