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Postby Tessablue » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:43 pm

BaroqueAgain1 wrote:Also it looks like horses with ulcers have zero to minimal Helicobacter in their digestive tracts...

Would it be helpful to add a probiotic targeting that lack to the horse's supplement regimen?

Helicobacter is actually associated with ulcer formation in humans, though it's usually harmless- so it could indicate that ulcer formation in horses has a different mechanism. I think it's highly likely that many racehorses have aberrant gut bacteria, but according to this surprisingly readable and relevant review (, the results thus far have been very ambiguous and there just isn't enough research out there to know for sure. We still know very little about the gut microbiome in humans, let alone horses- but good news is gut microbiome research is very trendy right now, so we're likely to see more findings in the near future!
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