Monmouth Park Bans Shipping to Suffolk Downs

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Miss Woodford wrote:
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I think Suffolk still has to run some live races every year to keep its simulcast license.

That makes perfect sense....thanks....
They're going about it in a better way than Hialeah at least.
Those phony match "races" between barely walking, aged quarter horses? There's a special corner of hell awaiting Brunetti for going that route.
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WaquoitNBroadBrush wrote: It would be nice if everyone could come together on a single strategy, but that would be very un-Massachusetts.
This made me laugh out loud. I needed that, thanks :lol:
A filly named Ruffian...

Eine Stute namens Danedream...

Une pouliche se nommant Trêve...

Kincsem nevű kanca...

And a Queen named Beholder
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Raynham Site Out, But Stronach Group Still Wants Track in Massachusetts
...Ritvo said that efforts are now underway to find a location for a new track.

“Boston is a top-five priority within our company and it might even be in the top two or three when it comes to things we want to accomplish,” said Ritvo, who began his racing career as a jockey at the New England tracks. “It is a great market and we don’t want to see the simulcast market there disappear. We believe Massachusetts has a vibrant economy and is a place where people love their sports. A racetrack run properly there would be able to survive. For us, it’s much easier to make that happen with all the synergies we have involving our other tracks.”

Ritvo said the new Massachusetts track would run a short boutique-style meet and would be built in ways that would benefit whatever town it would be located in. He said possibilities would be to build soccer fields in the infield and finding other ways to let the community utilize the facility when it was not racing.

Ritvo said The Stronach Group did not apply for any racing dates in Massachusetts for 2018, but did not rule out opening a track in 2019.

“If you ask me to bet one way or another, I would bet yes, yes that we will be operating a racetrack in Massachusetts within the next few years,” he said... ... achusetts/
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