Horrible Names For Horses

Re: Horrible Names For Horses

Postby Miss Woodford » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:53 am

Izvestia wrote:Asshat. Try being a grown-up, then your “imaginative” names might get approved....

Hey, if Dontsellmetofelons got approved he probably thought he had a chance. :lol:
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Re: Horrible Names For Horses

Postby Sparrow Castle » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:57 pm

Silly man, lol...

Tom Ryan @TomRyanKY
2h2 hours ago
Hard to get one past the @jockeyclub .. was turned down last week trying to name a precocious filly stormy daniels. Went with Love Child instead :) #StormyDanielsDay
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