Mares bred to Medaglia d'Oro

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Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:27 pm

What it says in the title, all the mares I know of bred for 2014.

Afleeting Lady
Anna Wi'yaak (dam of unnamed '13)
Arch's Gal Edith
Atlantic Voyage
Autobahn Girl (dam of unnamed '13)
Awesome Feather

Belle of Perintown
Belva (dam of unnamed '12)
Blue Duster (dam of unnamed '13)
Bsharpsonata (dam of Estidraaj)

Cast Call (dam of unnamed '12)
Catstar (dam of Catlanta, unnamed '13)
Changeisgonnacome (dam of Changewilldoyagood)
Crimson Maple (dam of unnamed '11)
Crystal Current (dam of unnamed '12)

Dance Quietly
Dream Supreme (dam of Gold Shield)
Dreaming of Anna (dam of Fast Anna)

Easter Bunnette (dam of unnamed '13)
Eye of the Sphynx

Forty Marchanta (dam of D' Orsay, unnamed '12, unnamed '13)
Fun Crowd
Funny Feeling (dam of unnamed '12)

Gabriellina Giof (dam of Gabby's Golden Gal)
Getaway Girl
Glacken's Gal (dam of Live Lively, Glacken's Gift)

Hafifah (dam of Devious d'Oro)
Hystericalady (dam of Sublime, unnamed '12)

Indian Vale
It's Tricky

Jealous Again


Laughing Lashes
Lemons Forever (dam of unnamed '13)
Liszy (dam of Plum Pretty)
Lu Ravi

Memories of Silver
Miss Halory (dam of Tea Leaf)
Mystic Melody (dam of unnamed '13)

Nuqoosh (dam of Mubashera)

Precious Kitten
Proposal (dam of unnamed '12)

Raffle Ticket
Rum Charger (dam of Golden Rum)

Salty Strike
Sara Louise
Season's Greetings
Secret Heart
Serena's Song
Seventh Street (dam of Maine Avenue)
Shadow Cast
Smart Woman
Snow Top Mountain
Soaring Softly
So Far
Summer Soirée
Surf Club (dam of unnamed '13)

Taegu (dam of unnamed '12)
Trepidation (dam of unnamed '12)
Truant (dam of Homeschooling, unnamed '13)

User History (dam of Lookslikeit, Golden History, unnamed '12)

Verdana Bold
Violent Beauty (dam of Violence)

War Echo
Weekend Whim (dam of unnamed '11, unnamed '13)
Willa B Awesome

X Star
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Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:43 pm

Serena's Song to MdO! I know someone who will be interested in that. :)
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Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:31 pm

Ballerina wrote:Serena's Song to MdO! I know someone who will be interested in that. :)
And who would that be, lol. Nice to see that again, though. I'm hoping for a girl, and runs like mama- but a healthy baby an uneventful pregnancy and birth for all the broodmares. Serena seems to be aging wonderfully, but this may be her last one, if not one of the last. She'll be 22 when this one is born.
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