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Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:58 am

-- G1 (overseas) winning imported-mares in Japan :


Alterite(FR) (Literato) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Charity Line(IRE) (Manduro) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Divina Preciosa(CHI) (Croker Road) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Emirate's Girl(ARG) (Lizard Island) --> Just a Way(JPN)
Heir Kitty(USA) (Wildcat Heir) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Kirramosa(NZ) (Alamosa) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Kitten's Dumplings(USA) (Kitten's Joy) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Malacostumbrada(ARG) (Lizard Island) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Princess of Sylmar(USA) (Majestic Warrior) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Ryans Charm(USA) (Heatseeker) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Sheer Drama(USA) (Burning Roma) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
So Many Ways(USA) (Sightseeing) --> King Kamehameha(JPN)
Sociologa Inc(ARG) (Include) --> Kitasan Black(JPN)
Solaria(CHI) (Scat Daddy) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Wanna Dance(ARG) (The Leopard) --> Kitasan Black(JPN)
Watsdachances(IRE) (Diamond Green) --> Deep Impact(JPN)


Al's Gal(USA) (English Channel) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Avenir Certain(FR) (Le Havre) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Conviction(ARG) (City Banker) --> Just a Way(JPN)
Cruiseliner(BRZ) (Wild Event) --> Tosen Reve(JPN)
Euro Charline(GB) (Myboycharlie) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Fashion Plate(USA) (Old Fashioned) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Feel The Race(ARG) (Orpen) --> Duramente(JPN)
Feodora(GER) (Lord of England) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Final Score(IRE) (Dylan Thomas) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Personal Diary(USA) (City Zip) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Ria Antonia(USA) (Rockport Harbor) --> King Kamehameha(JPN)
Safari Miss(ARG) (Not for Sale) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Set Squeare(AUS) (Reset) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
She's a Tiger(USA) (Tale of the Cat) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Sweet Reason(USA) (Street Sense) --> King Kamehameha(JPN)
Tirolesca(ARG) (Roman Ruler) --> Duramente(JPN)
Wavell Avenue(CAN) (Harlington) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
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Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:41 am

-- G1 (overseas) winning imported-mares in Japan :


Catch the Cocktail(ARG) (Catcher In The Rye) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Condo Commando(USA) (Tiz Wonderful) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Covert Love(IRE) (Azamour) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Curalina(USA) (Curlin) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Her Emmynency(USA) (Successful Appeal) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Illuminant(USA) (Quality Road) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Include Betty(USA) (Include) --> Duramente(JPN)
Lovely Maria(USA) (Majesticperfection) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Mecha Corta(ARG) (El Corredor) --> Kitasan Black(JPN)
Peace and War(USA) (War Front) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Seresta(ARG) (Jump Start) --> Duramente(JPN)
Sharla Rae(USA) (Afleet Alex) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Sobradora Inc(ARG) (Include) --> Duramente(JPN)
Spanish Queen(USA) (Tribal Rule) --> Duramente(JPN)


Big World(USA) (Custom for Carlos) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Decked Out(USA) (Street Boss) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Esfinge(BRZ) (Wild Event) --> Tosen Reve(JPN)
Furia Azteca(ARG) (Zensational) --> Isla Bonita(JPN)
Minding(IRE) (Galileo) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
Schoolmistress(ARG) (Equal Stripes) --> Heart's Cry(JPN)
Yankee Rose(AUS) (All American) --> Deep Impact(JPN)


Winter(IRE) (Galileo) --> Deep Impact(JPN)
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Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:04 pm

-- Numbers of G1 winning imported-mares covered by stallions in Japan 2018

Deep Impact(JPN) 47
Heart's Cry(JPN) 24
Duramente(JPN) 17
Just a Way(JPN) 13
King Kamehameha(JPN) 8
Kitasan Black(JPN) 7
Lord Kanaloa(JPN) 6
Isla Bonita(JPN) 4
Kizuna(JPN) 4
Mikki Isle(JPN) 4
Dee Majesty(JPN) 3
Logotype(JPN) 3
Orfevre(JPN) 3
Silver State(JPN) 3
Daiwa Major(JPN) 2
Deep Brillante(JPN) 2
Fenomeno(JPN) 2
Tosen Reve(JPN) 2
Apollo Sonic(USA) 1
Black Tide(JPN) 1
Copano Rickey(JPN) 1
Dee Majesty(JPN) 1
Epiphaneia(JPN) 1
Harbinger(GB) 1
I'll Have Another(USA) 1
Kinshasa no Kiseki(AUS) 1
Lovely Day(JPN) 1
Maurice(JPN) 1
Satono Aladdin(JPN) 1
Screen Hero(JPN) 1
Sinister Minister(USA) 1
Total 167

We might have seen the first sign of revolution here.
Shadai Group had been sending their top imported mares almost exclusively to Deep Impact(JPN) since his debut at stud, which guaranteed his leading sire status every year.
While Deep Impact(JPN) was still favored with the very top and fresh mares including G1 producers, more quality mares were dispersed to other stallions in 2018 than what they used to be.
Heart's Cry(JPN) and his son Just a Way(JPN) strengthened their presence.
And King Kamehameha(JPN) and his sons Duramente(JPN) and Lord Kanaloa(JPN) now look ready to take over the throne at some point, as they can also cover top Sunday Silence-line mares.
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