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Re: Slaughter news-KY setting stage for slaugher

Postby Sparrow Castle » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:39 pm

I haven't seen this discussed much in the horse rescue/retrain/rehome community, at least the ones that I'm involved with or "friends" with on FB. They are much more focused on other issues, especially the coming change in Canada re slaughter, and the use use of a captive bolt gun defined as humane euthanasia for a horse.

I admit I don't understand the pros and cons of this classification change very well (beyond the tax benefits for owning and breeding livestock) and strongly agree with Barry Irwin's comment on the Paulick story below (is that you agreeing with him?):
This piece cries out for a companion story that explains what the pros and cons are of this issue.

I'd love to learn more even though I live far from Kentucky, and in my state horses are already classified as livestock. Please let me know if you find any good articles with more detailed and hopefully unbiased information about the pros and cons.

Kentucky Senate Agriculture Committee Passes Bill To Designate Equines As Livestock
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Re: Slaughter news

Postby Ballerina » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:53 pm

From Equine Advocates - March 4, 2017

Don't Be Fooled By Pro-Horse Slaughter Hypocrite, Ryan Zinke!

Newly confirmed Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, tried using a sly tactic to deflect attention from his pro-horse slaughter agenda by riding a horse to work the other day in Washington, D.C. He did a good job, too, because none of the major newspapers - not the New York Times, the Washington Post and other publications and news agencies realized that they were being manipulated in the most subtle and unseemly of ways.

Clad in a cowboy hat and jeans, Zinke was trying to falsely give the impression that he is a horse lover when he is ANYTHING BUT! We call on the media to expose his true agenda which is to return horse slaughter to U.S. soil and exterminate the wild horses and burros being held captive in BLM holding facilities.

Zinke has been famously quoted as saying, "If a horse is too old to breed, too old to ride, or too expensive to feed, a horse is disposed of." Luckily, Zinke was not the guardian of the handsome steed who had the unfortunate job of hauling him around Washington for show.
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Re: Slaughter news

Postby Sparrow Castle » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:51 pm

^^^ Yeah the disgusting irony of his grand entrance wasn't lost on me.

I don't want to push anyone over the edge into "compassion fatigue," but Mindy Lovell (Transitions Thoroughbreds) shared this on her FB page today. Please continue to support (in any way you can) your local efforts to rehome and rescue thoroughbreds, and anti-slaughter advocates. I think those of us who enjoy racing owe it to them. WARNING: Graphic content.

Animals' Angels Produces Hard-Hitting Exposé of the Knoxville Horse Auction and the Thompson Horse Company
Platinum Ticket, once a successful and well-cared for Thoroughbred racehorse, who later transformed into an successful show jumper, was discovered by Animals' Angels investigators in a kill pen at the Knoxville Livestock Auction, barely alive, with a bullet in his head.

This story talks about the new rule that likely will just "aggravate the agonizing situation for 44,000 US horses slaughtered in Canadian plants as well as Brazilian horses slaughtered in Uruguay for export to the EU market."

Brussels, 14 February 2017. A coalition of European, North and South American animal welfare organisations calls for a ban on horsemeat imports into the EU and Switzerland from overseas. The coalition includes the Animal Welfare Foundation/AWF (Germany), Tierschutzbund Zürich/TSB (Switzerland), WELFARM and AFAAD (France), Eyes on Animals (the Netherlands), GAIA (Belgium), Animals’ Angels (USA) and For the Animals/FTA (Uruguay), supported by Eurogroup for Animals (Brussels).

A new two-year investigation (2015-2016) has been conducted in the USA, Canada, Uruguay and Argentina by AWF and TSB, Animals’ Angels USA and FTA. The Coalition conducted inspections of collecting stations, transports, auctions, and EU-approved slaughterhouses which have shown that welfare conditions of slaughter horses have not improved since an initial investigation conducted in 2012.
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Re: Slaughter news

Postby Ziggypop » Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:33 pm

Despite the news about the existence of SB139 going viral with people all across Kentucky contacting the State Legislature opposing the measure, this morning the bill passed out of the State Agricultural Committee unanimously with a vote count of 15-0-0.

SB139 endangers what protections horses currently have in Kentucky against cruelty and abuse by lowering their status from a domestic animal to livestock. It also opens the door to horse slaughter in Kentucky should that return to US soil.

This move is strongly supported by the agricultural and horse racing communities in Kentucky who already treat horses with shocking disrespect.

The next step is to send it to the full Kentucky State House for a vote. If SB139 passes there the bill will be sent to the Governor to sign into law.

Kentuckians, please continue to speak out against this bill.
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Re: Slaughter news

Postby BaroqueAgain1 » Mon May 15, 2017 3:19 pm

USDA Issues Warning Letter To Pittsburgh Restaurant For Serving Horse Meat
A Pittsburgh restaurant has gotten blacklash from animal rights activists and a warning from the U.S. Department of Agriculture after it advertised horse tartare as a one-time menu item during a special event earlier this month.
Cure chef and co-owner Justin Severino hosted a special dinner with Canadian chefs that included the dish. The USDA warning determined Severino brought the meat into the country illegally, though WPXI reporters emphasized Severino did not appear to have broken the law. Severino said the meat originated at a “sustainable farm” in Alberta.
“By selling and promoting the fact that they served horse, it is by default promoting the horse slaughter industry,” animal activist Joy Braunstein told WPXI. Braunstein started a petition seeking to make the serving of horse meat illegal in the state of Pennsylvania.
Currently, the federal budget does not allow for inspections of horse slaughter facilities in the United States.
According to reports, the warning letter did not outline punishments for Severino but indicated a repetition could result in criminal charges. ... orse-meat/

It's bad enough that a Pittsburgh restaurant thought offering 'horse tartare' was an appealing addition to a special dinner. It's worse that "...the meat originated at a “sustainable farm” in Alberta." :shock:
So, someone is raising horses for their meat?
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