Who's Your One?

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Thu May 08, 2014 8:31 pm

I think everyone who follows the sport or just loves horses has their "one", the one horse that you follow religiously. Perhaps there are a few? I'm interested to hear who yours is? Mine? Wind of Bospherous. I met Wind in 2013 at Pimlico Race Course. A former part time employee for MD Jockey Club, I became good friends with Doug O'Neill and several of the members of Team O'Neill (anyone who knows Doug knows it's very hard not to like him). Doug shipped in several horses for Preakness week (Goldencents being his star) including Richards Kid, Handsome Mike and Birdlover. I asked Doug if I could walk down the shed row and see the horses, of course his reply was "absolutely, you don't have to ask...knock yourself out!" Richards Kid and Handsome Mike are notoriously nasty and love to bite so I said my hellos and moved on :D Goldie (Goldencents) as a play biter but enjoyed the company. Wind was about 7 horses down the row and stuck his gorgeous head out of the stall to say hello. A average size horse, about 15.3 and as mellow as possible I spent the next 2 hours talking to and rubbing on him. I feel like I gave a piece of myself to that horse and he, in turn, did the same. He literally placed his head into my chest and fell asleep. I went to work 3 hours early every morning that week just to watch Kevin Krigger (whom i've also become close with) work him.

Soon after Maryland they moved onto NY (Belmont) where Doug lost him in a claimer and he's been riding the claiming races every since. I follow him every single day and keep in contact with all of his new trainers/owners. He is my "one" that I hope to one day own when he retires (he's a gelding).

So, who's your one?
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Thu May 08, 2014 9:31 pm

Hands down it's Gilligan. I have talked him up here quite a bit. I have never seen him live, can only love him from afar. He's what some would call a brown plain package- to most. For some reason, from the first time I saw him, I felt connected to him. He started his career racing in SoCal- at one point actually raced against Sidney's Candy in the G2 San Vincente- and finished 6th. Was claimed and sent up to GG- racing for a bit at lower claiming ranks. Eventually, he worked himself back up- and even came back to Socal for one race- was claimed, but was voided. Right now, he is running in Allow and Allow Opt races at GG. Hardest trying horse I have ever seen run. Thanks to here, FB and other social media- have told others about him as well- and there are many eyes watching him- I know of at least one other lady who would show up when he was at the Socal tracks and love all over him. Would love to have him someday, but probably not possible. If I cant have him, the least I can do is to try and make sure he has a good home when his days are done

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Sea The Stars cos you know, I post in his thread like every day ;) Also, he was the first horse I truly fell in love with!
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Uno Pecador. I've never met him but I've been following him for several years now. He's nothing super special, just an 8 year old gelding that runs in the $14-16K claimers at Arlington in the summer and Hawthorne in the winter, but he always gives it his all. He seems like he might have lost a step this year and I worry about him. If I didn't already have 2 lifers (or if I had a farm) I would totally reach out to his owners and offer him a retirement home. :(

There are several other locals that I keep an eye out for, but Uno Pecador has an extra special place in my heart (for no really good reason! lol).

Oh, and several years before that was Cheddar, who got claimed and then brought out to the east coast and I finally lost track of him, even with Virtual Stable. I really hope he's ok wherever he is.
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Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:26 pm

Sam Sparkle
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Guess mine. :lol:
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Curlin. He's my boo. I just fawned over him so much when he ran, and he brought me back into racing. I get so gleeful when he has a foal who wins. He could produce exclusively bushtrack babies and I would still dote on him.

Less obvious one is Majesticperfection. I loved him irrationally. I love his babies (his silly, bulldog-shaped babies). I will love his great-great-grandbabies. I can't explain why, but lawd, I adore that horse.
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Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:09 pm

Nobody would ever guess mine. ;)
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