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Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:26 pm

I didn't know whether to post this in Racing, Horse Followings, or Zenyatta News, so I settled on here. Has anyone calculated, or does anyone know of anyone who has calculated, Zenyatta's personal fractions (not the official race fractions) for a good number of her races--preferably all of them? I remember reading, after the '10 Classic, opinions from a few respected writers that her run in that race wasn't abnormal from her regular races as far as fractions go, it was the speed of the other horses which made the difference in how far behind she was at the beginning. Now, I did go and look at the fractions of her other races (official fractions, not her personal ones), and they weren't that much slower--and some were faster--than the Classic, but she never dropped that far behind before. So I'm wondering about the other half of that claim--her personal lifetime fractions.

Weird request, I know. Just thought I'd see if anyone has already done it. (And if you have, totally not judging.)
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