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Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:31 am

Just watched American Pharoah's 4F workout a few days ago at SA. When he came by the first time accompanied by the lead pony, I took a couple of pics with my low-end Nikon, but then made the decision that when he was going to come by the next time during his actual work that I would just watch and enjoy it. In hindsight I believe it was the right decision as I was able to really appreciate watching the way this horse moved through the lane, along with the fact that my camera just wasn't capable of getting high quality photographs under these circumstances.
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Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:49 am

Colonel John wrote:
Rick1323 wrote:This is as generational as it gets, except for Som who is obviously an old broad in a young body. No one is going to change their minds, but I promise you that if you are busy taking pics or recording something, you are also missing something else. Above all, keep the damn thing out of my line of sight. You do not have the right to infringe on my fun..........
Bit hypocritical, no? You're telling these people off for how they choose to have fun and then saying they shouldn't get in the way of YOUR fun.
When someone is ignorant enough to block my view with a recording device, they are going to hear it from me. If your method of having fun infringes on others, I suppose you are self centered enough not to care.
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Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:48 am

Echo the "through a screen diminishes the experience" line of thoughts here. I took a couple terrible cell phone pics of the horses coming into the gate at the Belmont and after the race was over when AP was parading, but had my phone firmly in my pocket the rest of the time. I have actually felt the import of something diminish when I tried recording it live from the fact that I was worried almost as much about getting a good recording as I was what was actually happening.

Then again I'm also of the "I seldom post anything online" school of undersharers so also probably not representative of my generation, which is at the ragged edge between gens X and Y.
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Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:03 pm

Here's a Russian Guide for taking safe selfies.

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Rick1323 wrote:
When someone is ignorant enough to block my view with a recording device, they are going to hear it from me. If your method of having fun infringes on others, I suppose you are self centered enough not to care.
I wish it were that easy. With all the pictures that have been messed up by persons standing in front of me waving their hands, jumping up and down, waving their program, there is a reason why people wait along the rail to watch races - there is no one in front of them. But then you cannot see them in the paddock for the big races.
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Wow, I just looked at the cover and jeez it's so bad! My eyes went straight to the cell phone hoarding crowd, I could barely see AP at first!
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As I said several pages ago, I think its great. The public would be bored by a picture of a horse. This photo is all about the excitement and might actually get some people thinking "Wow, that looks like fun!" (Which they will think until they show up for a Wednesday card of cheap claimers with an attendance of 6,733, but oh well. A few might actually bite.)
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I actually did that for the 2009 BC Classic. I had a good spot near the rails. Of course my hands were trembling and one part was inaudible since the crowd was so loud. But I also did watch the race while holding up my Canon digital cam.

For me, I would do it again. Watch the race but keep the camera steady to preserve that memory. Reason being is I like to store my files on a portable hard drive and watch it later on my LCD TV. I am thinking of 4 TB next time. I am a bit old school and new school with it. Why not be both? Watch AND record...

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