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Hi, long time lurker, first-time poster. I noticed a few years ago that horse racing games were pretty bad overall. They always seemed like they were made by people who weren't fans of the sport and we're just trying to cash in on our fandom. So, a friend and I decided to approach a horse racing game from a fan's point of view. We're in the beta phase right now and just try to get the opinions of some horse racing fans. Check out the trailer here


Sign up for the Closed Android Beta here - https://triplethronegame.com/beta

Managing Your Stable

Use your cunning strategies to manage a powerful stable of horses that go up against the toughest competition, while keeping a close eye on your finances. Balancing your choices with your stable's cash flow creates a new exciting level of horse racing strategy.


Training Your Horses

Get your horses into the best shape and racing form possible with a vast list of training exercises. Choose which training sessions work best for each horse as you prepare them for the ultimate Triple Throne Cup journey.

Feeding Your Horses

Horses that train exceptional hard need exceptional diet plans. Pick which type of diet plan fits your horse for that week. With great diet preparation, you can have your horse ready and prepared to lead the pack to the finish line.

Betting on Major Stakes

Think you can pick a winner? Place big-time wagers on your own horses and/or other horses for huge winnings. You can bet the Win, Show, Place, Exacta, and even the Trifecta. It's the same excitement as betting at a real track but in the palm of your hands!

Amazing Online Multiplayer
Is your stable the best in the world? Get online and put your horses up against other real-life Stable Managers' horses. See if you have what it takes to win in Real-Time Multiplayer races online. Race against anyone in the world, anywhere, at any time!

Customize Your Look
Win races in glorious fashion while looking amazing as you customize your jockey's outfit and your horse's attire. Choose from many jockey outfits, blinkers, and horse sleeves. Cross that finish line in the first place and in style!

Thank you for your time.
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