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Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:22 pm
by starrydreamer
bare it all wrote:Seems like War Front throws a good amount of fillies... starrydreamer - do you have a listing of all of them to confirm he's a little filly-heavy?
In his 2013 crop, he has 27 fillies and 38 colts, and I'm likely missing some.

In his 2014 crop, he has 45 fillies and 37 colts, which is his whole crop.

In his 2015 crop, he has 38 fillies and 36 colts, and I'm likely missing some.

In his 2016 crop, he has 39 fillies and 40 colts.

This list includes foals that were born but died. I could go further back, but it seems pretty balanced.

The only trend I've noticed with his foals is that he has never thrown a chestnut foal.

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:22 pm
by mariasmon
Agasaya - f. Animal Kingdom x That's Hot (2/1/2 to Great Hot (BRZ))
Algaffaal - c. Speightstown x Rockcide (1/2 to Rule, dam is 1/2 to Funny Cide)
Alpha Male - c. Galileo x Rich in Spirit

Brand New Game - f. First Samurai x Kalosca (FR) (1/2 to Arravale)

Callmecash - c. Frankel x She Be Wild
Chi Omega - f. Distorted Humor x Joyful Victory

Dark Humor - c. Distorted Humor x Dark Sky (dam is full to Nebraska Tornado)
Delladonna - f. Elusive Quality x Tarlow
Desert Isle - f. Bernardini x Eye of the Sphynx

Fiftyshadesoftapit - c. Tapit x Lady of Fifty

Greyvitos - c. Malibu Moon x Snow Top Mountain

Henry County - c. Alternation x Confessional
Heza Kitten - c. Kitten's Joy x All Star Heart
High and Lofty - f. Soldat x Magnificent Melody (dam is 3/4 to Navesink River, 1/2 to Astronomer Royal)
Hugonot Rebellion - c. City Zip x Style Show (dam is full to Casual Look)

Kenzie - f. Graydar x Cluster of Stars
King of the Court - c. Speightstown x Divine Escapade (2nd dam is Madcap Escapade
King Tut - c. Animal Kingdom x St. Malo's Gate (dam is 1/2 to Nashoba's Key)

Lady Liaison - f. Liaison x Lady Giacamo
Langtry - f. Street Sense x Sis City
Liquid Amber - f. Kitten's Joy x Pachattack

Mettled Racer - c. Elusive Quality x Crimson Palace (SAF)
Miss Angelic - f. Street Sense x Georgie's Angel
Miz K - f. Tapit x Tiz Miz Sue

Netas - c. Congrats x Sheets
Night Owl - f. Animal Kingdom x No Curfew (dam is 1/2 to India)

Pas de Deuce - f. Curlin x Acey Deucey
Patou - f. Ghostzapper x Cambiocorsa
Pray for Leslie - f. Bernardini x CJ's Leelee

Quality Seeker - c. Quality Road x Arravale

Railroader - c. Animal Kingdom x Ice Cream Silence
Rumors of War - c. War Front x Sweet Lulu

Sailing Solo - c. Smart Strike x Proviso (GB)
Shining Knight - c. Into Mischief x Mesmeric (2nd dam is Toussaud)
Street Cat Sam - c. Discreet Cat x Little Bonnet (1/2 to Boys at Tosconova)
Street Sweeper - c. Street Sense x Pampered Princess
Survey (IRE) - c. Galileo x Emerald Gold

Tap the Mojo - c. Tapit x Pool Land

Wampus - f. Malibu Moon x Peppers Pride
Warm Water - f. English Channel x Welcome Surprise (dam is GSW 1/2 to A.P. Indy, etc.)

f. Ghostzapper x Folklore
c. Majesticperfection x No Such Word
c. Silent Name x Romance is Diane

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:29 pm
by mariasmon
Abounding Joy - f. Quality Road x Jump On In
Archaggelos - c. Temple City x Mien (1/2 to Big Brown)
Arrival - c. Tapit x Alittlebitearly (1/2 to Bayern)
Baritone - c. Uncle Mo x Sweet Symphony

Breakers Point - c. Point of Entry x Be Fruitful (dam is full to Corinthian)

Critical Mass - c. Drosselmeyer x Critical Eye

Dancing Fancy - f. Tiznow x Dancethruthedawn
Debating - c. Giant's Causeway x Spunoutacontrol (full to Fed Biz, dam is 1/2 to Tale of the Cat)

Faversham - c. Lucky Pulpit x Love the Chase (full to California Chrome)
Flashing Tiz - c. Tiznow x Flashing
Friendly Simmard - f. Simmard x Friendly Michelle
Frippery - f. City Zip x Flagrant (41/2 to Furthest Land)

Gold Arrow - f. Medaglia d'Oro x Rigoletta

He Takes Charge - c. Tapit x Elarose (2nd dam is Take Charge Lady)

Irish Pharaoh - c. Pioneerof the Nile x Littleprincessemma (full to American Pharoah)

Justwalkonby - f. Giant's Causeway x Well Monied

L' Age d'Or - f. Medaglia d'Oro x Mona de Momma
La Aficionada - f. Medaglia d'Oro x Diplomat Lady

Mantua - c. Smart Strike x Visit (GB)
Meistermind - c. Bodemeister x Mining My Own (1/2 to Mine That Bird, Dullahan)
Movie Moment - c. Paynter x Starrer

No Trespassing - f. Street Cry x Private Feeling (1/2 to Lookin at Lucky)

Opera Gloves - f. Speightstown x Funny Moon

Peppered - c. Tapizar x Elaborate (dam is 1/2 to On Fire Baby)
Pferd Soldat - c. Soldat x Trolley's Last (dam is 1/2 to Unbridled's Song)

Raging Tiger - c. Giant's Causeway x Shandra Smiles (3/4 to She's a Tiger, Smiling Tiger)
Relicario - f. Malibu Moon x Unrivaled Belle

Seeing Stars - c. Tapit x Rainbow View
Sin City Sid - c. Violence x Ron's Lady (3/4 to GSP Lady of Gold, dam is 1/2 to Lawyer Ron)
So Sublime - c. Wagon Limit x So Ritzy (full to Silver Wagon)
Steamy Windows - f. Giant's Causeway x Meridiana (GER)

Throw the Fade - c. Shackleford x Thorough Fair (1/2 to Whywhywhy, Spellbinder)

White Lake - f. Mizzen Mast x Shared Hope (dam is 1/2 to Forestry, Cash Run)

f. Tapit x Acoma
c. Elusive Quality x Ajina
c. Medaglia d'Oro x Bella Dorato (1/2 to Trinniberg)
c. Speightstown x Ciao Bella
f. Tiznow x Collect Call -(1/2 to Old Fashioned)
c. Smart Strike x Dream Empress
c. Medaglia d'Oro x Lemons Forever
c. Speighstown x Por Que Te Sueno (2nd dam is Mi Sueno)
f. Malibu Moon x Ready's Gal
c. Tapit x Rhumb Line (full to Zazu, etc.)
c. Medaglia d'Oro x Wilshewed (1/2 to Stormello)

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:19 pm
by bare it all
I imagine that was Ajinas's last foal? She's a 1994 and I can't imagine her breeding on forever.

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:01 pm
by mariasmon
Butterscotch - f. Tapit x Boston Lady (full to Normandy Invasion)
Chiffon - c. Malibu Moon x Magnificent Song
Ciaran - c. Malibu Moon x Bizzy Caroline
Coffee Crush - f. Medaglia d'Oro x Wasted Tears
Cost Net - f. To Honor x Serve x Santaria
Dak Attack - c. Ghostzapper x Indian Spell (dam is SW daughter of Proud Spell)
Hawkish - c. Artie Schiller x Bridal Memories (dam is 1/2 to Winter Memories)
Luna Rosa - f. Malibu Moon x Gabriellina Giof (GB) (1/2 to Gabby's Golden Gal, Always a Princess)
Pursuing Justice - f. To Honor and Serve x Seeking the Ante
Raven Flyer - f. Birdstone x Menifeeque (full to Thank You Marylou)

c. Street Cry x Octave

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:11 am
by Treve
mariasmon wrote: Dak Attack - c. Ghostzapper x Indian Spell (dam is SW daughter of Proud Spell)
SMDH, I remember that colt from the yearling auction he was absolutely mesmerizing and breathtaking. There was something in his eye... truly a special individual and this is the name they give him.
I'm glad horses don't speak English. :lol:

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:51 am
by uma_nosuke
Super Feather´╝Źc, Deep Impact x Awesome Feather (Yasuo Tomomichi, who also trains Makahiki)

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:01 pm
by mariasmon
Answer Back - c. Medaglia d'Oro x Informed Decision
Avall Tale - f. Tale of Ekati x S'Avall (2nd dam is Pleasant Home)

Believe in Me - f. Bodemeister x I Believe in You
Believe in Royalty - c. Tapit x Believe You Can
Bernardino Charm - c. Morning Line x Coral Sea (1/2 to Cool Coal Man)
Bourbonstreetbelle - f. Street Cry x Bourbon Belle (1/2 to Not Bourbon)
Bunny's Bling - f. Gemologist x Dynabunny (dam is 1/2 to Havre de Grace)

Claim a Kiss - c. Acclamation x Alphabet Kisses
Compote - c. Girolamo x Pennant Champion (2nd dam is Personal Ensign)

Dakota Shy - c. Macho Uno x Blush Island (dam is 1/2 to Street Boss)

Flawless Ekati - f. Tale of Ekati x Internallyflawless
Flora Sandes - f. War Front x Aloof (IRE)

Going Out - f. Tapit x Forever Together
Gossamer - c. Ghostzapper x Take D'Tour

Jersey Bee's - f. Jersey Town x Bees

Madame Milan - f. Bernardini x La Ville Rouge (1/2 to Barbaro)
Molto Allegro - f. Speightstown x Mo Chuisle (1/2 to Points Offthebench)
Monopole - f. Malibu Moon x Lady Tak

No Extensions - f. Not Bourbon x Extend

Perfect Spy - c. Union Rags x Winter View

Rumpus Cat - c. Street Sense x Sweet Catomine
Run for Bruce - c. Kitten's Joy x Eclair de Lune (GER)

Scorpion Bowl - f. Ghostzapper x Is It Safe (dam is 1/2 to Justin Phillip, Algorithms, etc.)
Shakespear'sgalley (IRE) - c. Galileo x Lady Shakespeare
Shezaspanishdancer - f. Speightstown x Juanita

Ten Demerits - f. Into Mischief x Pussycat Doll
Title Ready - c. More Than Ready x Title Seeker (2nd dam is Personal Ensign)

Variant Perception - c. Curlin x Mystery Trip (dam is 1/2 to A.P. Indy, etc.)

Wissahickon - c. Tapit x No Matter What

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:44 pm
by BaroqueAgain1
Bernardino Charm - c. Morning Line x Coral Sea (1/2 to Cool Coal Man)

The first thing I thought of when I saw his name was that he must be by Bernardini. :shock:
Strange choice.

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:48 pm
by mariasmon
Cassawbro - c. Blame x Fire Assay (2nd dam is Jostle)
Classic Lines - c. Ghostzapper x Cash's Girl
Cosita Mia - f. Distorted Humor x Calais (2nd dam is Flanders)

Dayfa - f. Tiznow x Dance Quietly (dam is SW 1/2 to Saint Liam)
Derby Memories - c. Curlin x Prissy
Duplicate Kitten - f. Kitten's Joy x Iteration (full to Charming Kitten, Queensplatekitten)

Kitten's Cardinal - f. Kitten's Joy x Cardinalli (full to Banned)

Maglio - c. Medaglia d'Oro x Malvinia (dam is full to Malibu Moon)
Muchacha Uno - f. Macho Uno x Cat Moves

Onceinabluemoon - c. Malibu Moon x Include Me Out

Perfect Beauty - Perfect Soul x Elusive Surprise

Rapid Transit - f. Bullet Train x Be My Kitten (dam is full to Stephanie's Kitten)
Real Dude - c. Ghostzapper x Ginger Brew

Sandy Lane Kitten - c. Blame x Holiday for Kitten
Secret Ingredient - f. Congrats x My Trusty Cat
Senora Uno - f. Macho Uno x Ariege
Silent Jet - c. Silent Name x Sugar Swirl
Street Sensation - f. Street Sense x So Far (2nd dam is Stellar Jayne)

Unrivaled Soul - f. Perfect Soul x Unchecked

Vivian's Grace - c. Candy Ride x Chase the Storm (2nd dam is Island Fashion)

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:32 pm
by mariasmon
Argusto - f. Tapit x Arienza
Convinced - f. Tiznow x Tap of the Day (dam is full to Tapit)
Indimaaj - c. Tapit x Lear's Princess
Labeq - c. Tapit x Life Is Sweet
Need the Wall - f. US Ranger x Vibration (Kitten's First female family)
River Front - c. War Front x Havre de Grace
St. Augustine - c. Tapit x St. John's River

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:11 pm
by mariasmon
Catonabalancebeam - c. Kitten's Joy x Balance

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:03 pm
by mariasmon
Daiwa Gabin (JPN) - c. Deep Impact x Gabby's Golden Gal
Daiwa Memory (JPN) - f. Novellist x Daiwa Scarlet (JPN)
Gold Pacquiao (JPN) - c. Orfevre x Ermine
Gold Paddle (JPN) - c. Daiwa Major x Moscow Burning
Guten Tag (JPN) - c. Gold Allure x Ginger Mist (JPN) - 2nd dam is Ginger Punch
Satono Eternal (JPN) - c. Deep Impact x So Many Ways
Storm Yunibansu (JPN) - c. Harbinger x Mustaparta (JPN) - 2nd dam is Wonder Lady Anne L

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:38 pm
by mariasmon
Best Blue (GB) - c. Oasis Dream x Filia Regina (GB) (2nd dam is Ouija Board)
Galikor (GB) - c. Dansili x Galikova (FR)
Hainaut (GB) - c. Bated Breath x Binche (3/4 to Proviso, 1/2 to Byword)
Hallucinante (GB) - f. Dubawi x Buster's Ready
Low Profile (GB) - c. Galileo x Dynaforce
Sapiens (GB) - c. Frankel x Etoile Montante
Une Alliance (IRE) - f. Shamardal x Alexander Goldrun (IRE)

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:59 pm
by mariasmon
Active Approach (GB) - f. New Approach x Saoirse Abu
Al Watan (IRE) - c. Shamardal x Melhor Ainda
Belle de Neige (IRE) - f. Elusive Pimpernel x Snow Fairy (IRE)
Floria Tosca (IRE) - f. Shamardal x Islington (IRE)
Perpetual (GB) - c. Dubawi x Passage of Time (GB)
Raja Ampat (IRE) - f. Galileo x Six Perfections (FR)

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:46 pm
by Sparrow Castle
mariasmon wrote:Catonabalancebeam - c. Kitten's Joy x Balance
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:06 pm
by mariasmon
At Your Pleasure (GB) - f. War Front x Ventura
Bringyourownbottle - f. Stay Thirsty x Bail Out Kitten (2nd dam is Bail Out Becky)
Eskimo Kisses - f. To Honor and Serve x Silver Colors (2nd dam is Winning Colors)
Fangs - f. Kitten's Joy x Granny Franny (full to Kitten's Dumplings)
Final Reward - f. Arch x Last Kitten (dam is full to Precious Kitten/half to Kitten's Joy)
Hizaam - c. Bernardini x Patti O'Rahy (dam is 1/2 to Untapable, Paddy O'Prado)
Little Blithe - f. Hold Me Back x Blithe (dam is 1/2 to FuPeg)
Make The Switch (IRE) - c. Dansili x Switch
Royal Holiday - c. Blame x Holiday for Kitten (changed from Sandy Lane Kitten)
Spirit Ridge (GB) - c. Nathaniel x Tates Creek
Tap Fever - c. Tapit x La Cloche
Younger Girl - f. Trappe Shot x Getaway Girl (dam is 1/2 to Ghostzapper, City Zip)

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:29 pm
by lurkey mclurker
Sparrow Castle wrote:
mariasmon wrote:Catonabalancebeam - c. Kitten's Joy x Balance
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
I like it, I think it's clever. And no "kitten" in it... :lol:

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:06 pm
by starrydreamer
mariasmon wrote:At Your Pleasure (GB) - f. War Front x Ventura
Oh hey, a War Front that's not on my list! Adding her. Thanks!

Re: 2015 Names

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:20 pm
by mosieposie12
Oldlrigetcoldriget-Union Rags x Echo Bluff (1/2 to Currency Swap)

...what kind of name is this :shock: