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Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:14 am

More Joyous(AUS) and Dear Demi(AUS) will be covered by Frankel during southern hemisphere time. ... ime/394269
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:29 am

Arravale --> Siyouni
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:32 am

Absolutely Awesome (1/2 to Awesome Maria) --> Cairo Prince
Abtasaamah (1/2 to Midshipman, Fast Cookie) --> Justify
Alluring Miss (1/2 to Scat Daddy) --> Candy Ride
Almaasah (full to Street Sense) --> Astern
Alternate --> Maclean's Music
Always Trouble (1/2 to Fed Biz) --> Quality Road
Avila Road (full to Quality Road) --> Tapit
Ayers Rock (full to Verrazano) --> Violence

Balayage (1/2 to Warrior's Reward) --> Empire Maker
Bella Rafaela (1/2 to Twirling Candy) --> Uncle Mo
Bethan (1/2 to Hard Spun) --> Always Dreaming
Bodaciousness (1/2 to The Factor) --> West Coast
Broadway Ticket (1/2 to Street Sense) --> McCraken

Cinnamon Spice (1/2 to Violence) --> War Front
Citiview (dam of Midnight Lucky) --> Perfect Timber
Clear the Clouds (1/2 to Oxbow) --> Frosted
Cut in Stone (1/2 to Oxbow) --> Medaglia d'Oro

Discreet Moon (GB) (1/2 to Awesome Maria) --> Uncle Mo
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:33 am

Emily B (1/2 to Awesome Maria) --> Justify
Emperesse (1/2 to Air Force Blue) --> Blame
Empire Beauty (1/2 to Distorted Humor) --> Cajun Breeze

Fame and Fortune (full to Cross Traffic) --> Uncle Mo
Far and Away (1/2 to Orb) --> Nyquist
From Afar --> (1/2 to Midshipman, Fast Cookie) --> Twirling Candy

Glittering Jewel (1/2 to Street Sense) --> Street Boss
Gracie Square (1/2 to War Front) --> Munnings

Habiboo --> Medaglia d'Oro
Hassler (IRE) (o/o Turbulent Descent) --> Violence
Heir Worthy (full to Warrior's Reward) --> Mastery
Hip Hip (1/2 to Congrats, Flatter) --> Dads Caps
Holy Bubbette (dam of Cairo Prince) --> Will Take Charge
House of Danzing (dam of Twirling Candy) --> Gun Runner

It Was Magic (full to Roly Poly) --> Justify

Jilted (dam of Run Away and Hide) --> Bustin Stones
Joe'sgoldenholiday (1/2 to Goldencents) --> Justify
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:33 am

Kelton's Way (1/2 to English Channel) --> Munnings
Kissed By a Star (1/2 to Hard Spun) --> Carpe Diem
Kobla Cat (1/2 to Quality Road) --> Flatter

La Madrina (1/2 to Verrazano, etc.) --> Quality Road
La Manica (1/2 to English Channel) --> Tourist
Liza Doolittle Day (1/2 to Dialed In) --> Brethren
Locally Known (1/2 to Temple City) --> Mor Spirit
Lots of Chocolate (full to Dialed In) --> Violence
Lotta Lolly (full to Square Eddie) --> Mineshaft

Maggy's Melody (1/2 to Afleet Alex) --> Distorted Humor
Magic Mischief (1/2 to Temple City) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Mama Yay (full to Dialed In) --> Gun Runner
Miss Doolittle (o/o Eliza, dam of Dialed In) --> Wait
Munnings Sister --> Perfect Soul

Nonna Mia --> Medaglia d'Oro

Our Rite of Spring (1/2 to Hard Spun, 2nd dam of Improbable) --> Ransom the Moon

Rare Event (dam of Improbable) --> Justify
Regia Marina (1/2 to Midshipman, Fast Cookie) --> Maclean's Music
Roly Poly --> Quality Road
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:34 am

Spellbind (GB) (1/2 to Street Sense) --> Nyquist
Spice Island (dam of Ice Box) --> Union Rags
Spunderful (1/2 to Fed Biz) --> Speightstown
Stormy Venus (o/o Serena's Sister) --> Not Bourbon
Stradivarius (1/2 to Eskendereya) --> Justify
Sweet Corine (full to El Padrino, 1/2 to Verrazano) --> Candy Ride

Teak Totem (dam of Adios Charlie) --> Always Dreaming
Tempting View (full to Street Sense) --> Frosted
Thicker Than Water (1/2 to Kantharos) --> Violence
Tiz Blu (full to Colonel John) --> Union Rags
Tizatude (1/2 to Paynter) --> Into Mischief
Tiztalented (1/2 to Bodemeister) --> Good Magic
Totem Power (1/2 to Adios Charlie) --> More Than Ready

Usrah (o/o Serena's Sister) --> Collected

Wear Red (1/2 to Eskendereya) --> Arrogate
Wild Mint (full to Violence) --> Tapit
Winning Call (dam of Tapizar) --> Anchor Down
With Honors --> Tapit
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:25 pm

Assertive (1/2 to Street Fancy) --> Candy Ride

Baffling (1/2 to Constitution) --> City of Light
Bansuri (full to Filimbi) --> American Pharoah
Bedford Land --> Justify
Blingismything --> Justify
Bold Union --> Violence
Border Dispute (dam of Long Lashes, etc.) --> Mendelssohn

C'Est Ca (IRE) (o/o A Z Warrior) --> Justify
Cabaret Starlet (1/2 to Arravale) --> Street Boss
Calistoga --> Candy Ride
Carmel Beauty (full to Arravale) --> Carpe Diem
Cat On a Tin Roof (full to Cannonball) --> Kitten's Joy
Catch My Drift --> Uncle Mo
Catch the Flag (o/o Catch the Ring) --> Goldencents
Chamrousse --> Mo Town
Charmed Gift (dam of Endorsement) --> Girvin
Cluain Fhada (2nd dam is Blush With Pride) --> The Factor
Colina Verde (BRZ) --> Bolt d'Oro
Courtisane (ARG) (dam of Madame Stripes) --> Tapit
Crying Shame (o/o Tout Charmant) --> Mendelssohn

Dance With Another (IRE) (o/o Quarter Moon) --> Mendelssohn
Divalarious (1/2 to Sleepytime, etc.) --> Into Mischief
Dramatically (o/o Wonder of Wonders) --> Justify
Drifting Cube (AUS) (family of Redoute's Choice, Manhattan Rain) --> Violence
Duke's Dream (full to Sweet Lulu) --> Empire Maker AND Tapit
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:25 pm

Ecology (dam of General Quarters) --> West Coast
Entwine (o/o Flute, dam of Qabala) --> Justify
Ever So Pretty (full to Stormello) --> Flintshire

Factfull (1/2 to Bullsbay) --> Mastery
Finn's Girl (o/o Oonagh Maccool) --> Uncle Mo
Flautist (o/o Flute) --> Uncle Mo

India --> Quality Road
Inspired by Grace (full to Off the Tracks) --> Into Mischief

J Z Warrior --> American Pharoah
Jessica Krupnick --> Into Mischief

Kareena (1/2 to Mozu Ascot) --> Tapit
Kay Two (o/o Snow Top Mountain) --> Street Sense

Misty Town (1/2 to Tonalist) --> Perfect Timber
Molly Corbin (1/2 to Peeping Fawn, Thewayyouare) --> Justify
Morea (1/2 to Weep No More) --> Pioneerof the Nile
My Miss Tapit --> Justify

One Stormy Mama (dam of Thunder Moccasin) --> Candy Ride
Oonagh's Gift (o/o Oonagh Maccool) --> Nyquist
Our Khrysty --> Into Mischief
Our Smile (1/2 to Order of St George) --> Speightstown
Overprepared (SW, 1/2 to Shadow Cast) --> Justify
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:25 pm

Paris Bikini (1/2 to America) --> Always Dreaming
Perfect La Comete (1/2 to Munnings) --> Bee Jersey
Please Sign In (dam of Certify, Cry and Catch Me) --> American Pharoah
Private Ensign --> Justify

Race Hunter (1/2 to Paid Up Subscriber) --> Bernardini
Rattataptap --> Speighstown
Ready Signal --> Medaglia d'Oro
Rejoicing (dam of Divine Oath, Auntie Joy) --> Frosted
Reve D'Amour (o/o Smolensk) --> Into Mischief
Rubilinda --> Justify

Sabooh (o/o Smolensk) --> Into Mischief
Sacred Feather (dam of Taareef) --> Kitten's Joy
Settle 'n Speight (1/2 to Tonalist) --> Oscar Performance
Settling for Gold (1/2 to Tonalist) --> Frosted
Shutterbug (dam of Social Paranoia) --> Bernardini
Sign Up (1/2 to Certify, Cry and Catch Me) --> Air Force Blue
Simplify --> Gun Runner
Sindy With an S --> Tapit
Smart 'n Special (1/2 to Shadow Cast) --> Nyquist
Smartly Agree (2nd dam is Dream of Summer) --> Malibu Moon
So Stylish (1/2 to One Cool Cat) --> Medaglia d'Oro
Solo Piano (o/o Flute) --> Flintshire AND Mizzen Mast
Storm Tide (dam of American Lion) --> Tonalist
Street Girl --> Justify
Street Strut (1/2 to America) --> Frosted AND Violence
Summer Solo --> Curlin
Sure Route (GB) (dam of Divine Image) --> Justify
Susie's Baby (1/2 to Caravaggio) --> Justify
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Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:25 pm

Tapping Colors (1/2 to Eskimo Kisses) --> Curlin
Tashzara (IRE) (1/2 to Excelebration) --> Lord Nelson
Taste Of Heaven (AUS)(full to Manhattan Rain, 1/2 to Redoute's Choice) --> Violence
Temple Street (dam of Donworth, Con Te Partiro) --> Justify
Tempus Fugit (dam of Majestic River) --> Medaglia d'Oro
Tessie Flip (1/2 to Switch) --> Mendelssohn
Tiz Midnight --> Candy Ride
Top Producer (1/2 to Arravale) --> First Samurai
Transportation (1/2 to Alternation) --> Frosted
Tsunami of Love (o/o My Typhoon) --> American Pharoah

Unavenged (1/2 to Naughty New Yorker) --> Speightstown
Unbridled Empire (dam of Arklow, Maraud) --> Justify
Undercover Justice (1/2 to Negligee) --> Arrogate

Wave Theory --> City of Light
Willet --> Arrogate
Winds of March (IRE) (1/2 to Sleepytime, etc.) --> Dads Caps
Winner (dam of Ocho Ocho Ocho) --> Street Sense
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Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:34 am

Blossom Special (IRE) (1/2 to Materiality, My Miss Sophia) --> Violence
Bsharpsonata --> Uncle Mo AND American Pharoah
Butterscotch (full to Frosted) --> Into Mischief

Court Appeal (1/2 to Mani Bhavan, etc.) --> Karakontie

Durga Devi (IRE) (1/2 to Wrote) --> More Than Ready

Gotta Have Her --> Dialed In

Hourglass (IRE) (1/2 to Shamardal) --> Justify

Indy Punch (dam of Harlan Punch, etc.) --> War Front

Rehear (dam of Mani Bhavan, etc.) --> Honor Code
Rehearsed (1/2 to Mani Bhavan, etc.) --> Union Rags
Rumplestiltskin (IRE) --> Justify

Sarah's Secret --> Frosted
Star Rating (IRE) (o/o Islington) --> Fed Biz
Stone Hope (dam of Spirit of Valor) --> Oscar Performance

Tapestry (IRE) --> Justify

Wildwood Rose (IRE) (1/2 to Materiality, My Miss Sophia) --> Speightstown
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Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:06 pm

Assuming shes pensioned, Silverbulletday wasnt bred?
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Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:59 pm

FlyToTheStars wrote:
Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:06 pm
Assuming shes pensioned, Silverbulletday wasnt bred?
She wasn't bred last year, either.
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Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:08 am

Foolish Gal (dam of Get Stormy) is in foal to Oscar Performance.
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Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:34 pm

Aurelia (dam of Aurelia's Belle) --> Street Sense

Bear Now --> Custom For Carlos
Belleski --> Into Mischief

Delightful Mary --> Violence

Goldbud (dam of Valid Point) --> Connect

Haunted Heroine (MSW, 1/2 to Celestine) --> Uncle Mo
Honest Answer (dam of Law Abidin Citizen) --> Gun Runner

Internallyflawless --> Perfect Soul

Latin Lynx (dam of Sean Avery) --> Super Saver
Light Green (SW, dam of Green Light Go) --> Shaman Ghost
Light the City --> Medaglia d'Oro
Lovely Daughter (1/2 to Starship Truffles) --> Accelerate

Magical Belle (full to Unrivaled Belle) --> Honor Code
Meadow Breeze --> Uncle Mo
My Sister Sandy (dam of Van Beethoven) --> Justify

No Curfew (1/2 to India) --> Into Mischief
No Use Denying (SW, dam of Perfect Alibi) --> Carpe Diem

Room for Me --> Nyquist
Roxy Gap --> Into Mischief

Sensible Gal (1/2 to Get Stormy) --> More Than Ready
Sisti’s Pride --> Tonalist
Sky Gold (1/2 to Got Stormy) --> Get Stormy AND Tiznow
Stellaris --> Arrogate
Super Phoebe (dam of Got Stormy) --> Bolt d'Oro

Test of Time (1/2 to India) --> Mendelssohn
Truant (1/2 to Bosra Sham, Hector Protector) --> Fed Biz

Welcoming --> Kitten's Joy

Yes Liz --> Good Magic
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Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:21 pm

mariasmon wrote:
Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:10 am
BaroqueAgain1 wrote:
Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:55 am
Silvertoni --> Pioneerof the Nile

An early breeding before he died?
When all the reports are in, I'm going to go back and check the mares who were bred to POTN and see if they were also covered by another stallion.
In the end, when I went back to check, none of the mares I reported for POTN were covered by another stallion except Two Dot Slew, who went to Super Saver, which I listed initially.
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Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:48 pm

A to the Croft --> Tapiture
Awesome Diamond (IRE) (o/o Adoration) --> Creative Cause

Bohemian Queen (o/o Life at Ten) --> Ghostzapper
Bonita Mia (1/2 to Carina Mia) --> Lord Nelson

C Note (1/2 to Dance Card, etc.) --> Violence
Champagne Ice (full to Ruler on Ice, 1/2 to Champagne d'Oro) --> Twirling Candy
Chi Omega (o/o Joyful Victory) --> Union Rags
Conquest Lil Miss (1/2 to My Conquestadory) --> Tapit
Costela (o/o Riboletta) --> Air Force Blue
Creative Slang (o/o No Such Word) --> Include

Delladonna (o/o Tarlow) --> Street Sense

Elaine's Cat (o/o Unbridled Elaine) --> Bernardini

Fleur de Cerise (o/o Cotton Blossom) --> Karakontie
Forever Popular (o/o Pussycat Doll) --> Ghostzapper

Giant Blossom (o/o Cotton Blossom) --> Frosted
Golden Artemis (dam of My Conquestadory) --> Curlin

Helensvale (o/o In the Gold) --> Nyquist
Hollywood Heroine (o/o Hollywood Story) --> Arrogate
Home Court (dam of Dancing Rags) --> Union Rags

Luna Rosa (1/2 to Gabby's Golden Gal, etc.) --> Frosted

Memento d'Oro (o/o Intangaroo) --> Empire Maker
Michelle d'Oro (o/o Champagne d'Oro) --> Justify
Miss Hollywood --> Into Mischief

Resilient Humor (o/o Sassy Image) --> Tunwoo (yeah, I had to look him up, too)

Saharan (1/2 to My Conquestadory) --> Hard Spun

Tapital Gains (1/2 to Condo Commando) --> Empire Maker
Tar and Feather (full to Awesome Feather) --> First Dude
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Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:56 pm

Acrobatique (1/2 to Covfefe) --> Mendelssohn
Airs (1/2 to Covfefe) --> Lord Nelson
Anabaa's Creation (IRE) (SW/G1P, 1/2 to the dam of Sistercharlie) --> Mastery
Aspen Blush (1/2 to Bolo) --> Lord Nelson

Chuckling (o/o Pleasant Home) --> City of Light
Create a Dream (SW, o/o Anabaa's Creation) --> City of Light

Essentially (1/2 to Runway Model) --> Hard Spun

Filare l'Oro (SW/GSP, dam of Silver Dust) --> Frosted

Gloria S (1/2 to I'll Have Another, etc.) --> Cairo Prince
Glorious Hour (1/2 to Rock Fall) --> Hard Spun AND Speightstown
Going Day (1/2 to Covfefe) --> Oscar Performance

Juenesse Doree (1/2 to the dam of Sistercharlie) --> More Than Ready
Julia's Kitty (1/2 to Mr. Money) --> Bolt d'Oro

Money Or Love (1/2 to World of Trouble) --> Kantharos

Nakano Takeko (1/2 to Vino Rosso) --> Uncle Mo
New Song (dam is 1/2 to Bricks and Mortar) --> California Chrome

Ocean Reef (1/2 to Catalina Cruiser, Eagle) --> Arrogate

S'Avall (o/o Pleasant Home) --> Tale of Ekati
Soot Z (dam of Amalfi Sunrise) --> Into Mischief
Stormy Allure (dam of Stormy Embrace) --> Gun Runner

Trophy Wife (o/o Pleasant Home) --> Mastery

Winlocs Glory Days (dam of Wet Your Whistle) --> Race Day
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Tue Aug 13, 2019 9:57 pm

Carella (1/2 to Bernardini) --> Into Mischief

Desert Rose Drive (1/2 to Take Charge Lady) --> Star Guitar

Flash Forward --> Quality Road
Front Page Story (full to Declaration of War) --> Into Mischief

Jessi Take Charge (1/2 to Take Charge Lady) --> Violence

Meadowsweet (o/o Tranquility Lake) --> Quality Road
Momentary Magic (1/2 to Stage Magic) --> American Pharoah

Parris Hill (1/2 to Take Charge Lady) --> Liam's Map
Perfect Forever (o/o Lemons Forever) --> Speightstown
Pin Up (1/2 to Bernardini) --> Cairo Prince

Take the Ribbon --> American Pharoah
Taperge (1/2 to Jeranimo) --> Empire Maker
Traveling Alone (1/2 to Union Rags) --> Goldencents
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Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:44 pm

Abel Tasman --> Galileo
Absolutelyfabulous (IRE) (dam of Magician) --> Galileo
Acapulco --> Galileo
Again (IRE) --> Galileo
Allez Alaia (IRE) (full to Halfway To Heaven) --> Galileo
Alpha Centauri (IRE) --> Galileo
Amazing Maria (IRE) --> Galileo
Amicus (AUS) --> Galileo
Annie Power (IRE) --> Galileo
Anthem Alexander (IRE) --> Galileo
Atlantic Jewel (AUS) --> Galileo
Awesome Maria --> Galileo

Beauty Is Truth (IRE) (dam of Hermosa, etc.) --> Galileo
Beauty Parlour (GB) --> Galileo
Blue Kimono (IRE) (1/2 to Beauty Parlour) --> Galileo
Bugle (full to Air Force Blue) --> Galileo
Butterfly Cove (dam of Misty For Me, etc.) --> Galileo

Chelsea Rose (IRE) (dam of Kew Gardens) --> Galileo
Chintz (IRE) (dam of The Gurkha) --> Galileo
Christmas Kid --> Galileo
Cloth of Cloud (SAF) --> Galileo

Daddys Lil Darling --> Galileo
Daldiyna (FR) (1/2 to Dolniya) --> Galileo
Dancing Rain (IRE) --> Galileo
Danetime Out (IRE) (dam of Toormore) --> Galileo
Danilovna (IRE) (1/2 to Lillie Langtry) --> Galileo
Dialafara (FR) (dam of Capri) --> Galileo
Dream The Blues (IRE) (dam of Sioux Nation) --> Galileo

Esoterique (IRE) --> Galileo
Even Song (IRE) (1/2 to Simple Verse) --> Galileo

Fire Lily (IRE) (1/2 to Hermosa, etc.) --> Galileo

Green Room (dam of Forever Together, etc.) --> Galileo

Halfway To Heaven (IRE) --> Galileo
Hazariya (IRE) (dam of Harzand) --> Galileo
Here To Eternity (dam of Time Warp, etc.) --> Galileo
Highphar (FR) (dam of Recoletos) --> Galileo
Hveger (AUS) (dam of Highland Reel, etc.) --> Galileo

I'm A Chatterbox --> Galileo
Ikat (IRE) (dam of Main Sequence) --> Galileo
Inca Princess (IRE) (dam of Johannes Vermeer) --> Galileo

Jacqueline Quest (IRE) (dam of Line Of Duty) --> Galileo

Kind (IRE) --> Galileo

La Traviata(dam of Seventh Heaven) --> Galileo
Laddies Poker Two (IRE) (dam of Winter) --> Galileo
Lady of Shamrock --> Galileo
Landikusic (IRE) (full to Zoffany) --> Galileo
Legatissimo (IRE) --> Galileo
Life Happened (dam of Tepin) --> Galileo
Lightning Thunder (GB) --> Galileo
Lillie Langtry (IRE) (dam of Minding) --> Galileo

Madame Chiang (GB) --> Galileo
Magic Tree (UAE) (dam of Mukhadram) --> Galileo
Marsha (IRE) --> Galileo
Mecca's Angel (IRE) --> Galileo
Meow (IRE) (dam of Churchill) --> Galileo
Messias da Silva (dam of Amazing Maria) --> Galileo
Miss France (IRE) --> Galileo
Moonstone (GB) --> Galileo

Nahema (IRE) (o/o Sariska) --> Galileo
Naples Bay (1/2 to Medaglia D'Oro) --> Galileo
Nechita (AUS) --> Galileo
Nickname --> Galileo

One Moment In Time (IRE) (dam of Bondi Beach) --> Galileo
Ouija Board (GB) --> Galileo

Pearling (dam of Decorated Knight) --> Galileo
Penchant (GB) (dam of Garswood) --> Galileo
Polished Gem (IRE) (dam of Free Eagle) --> Galileo
Prize Exhibit (GB) --> Galileo
Prudenzia (IRE) (dam of Magic Wand, etc.) --> Galileo

Qemah (IRE) --> Galileo
Queen Boudica (GB) (o/o Satwa Queen) --> Galileo
Quiet Reflection (GB) --> Galileo

Roca Rojo (IRE) --> Galileo
Rock Orchid (IRE) (1/2 to Dancing Rain) --> Galileo
Rosa Imperial (IRE) --> Galileo
Rosdhu Queen (IRE) --> Galileo
Runway Dancer (GB) (dam of Astaire) --> Galileo

Sahara Sky (IRE) (dam of Dick Whittington) --> Galileo
Sea Siren (AUS) --> Galileo
Senta's Dream (GB) (dam of Iridessa) --> Galileo
September (IRE) (o/o Peeping Fawn) --> Galileo
Shastye (IRE) (dam of Japan) --> Galileo
Simply A Star (IRE) (1/2 to Bracelet, etc.) --> Galileo
Simply Perfect (GB) --> Galileo
Snow Moon (GB) (o/o Sariska) --> Galileo
Starformer --> Galileo
Stellar Wind --> Galileo
Sun Shower (IRE) (dam of Lancaster Bomber, etc.) --> Galileo
Switch --> Galileo

Tickled Pink (IRE) (1/2 to Halfway To Heaven) --> Galileo
Tiggy Wiggy (IRE) --> Galileo
Tisbutadream (IRE) (1/2 to Persuasive) --> Galileo

Walklikeanegyptian (IRE) (dam of Deauville) --> Galileo
Wave (IRE) (dam of Cliffs Of Moher) --> Galileo
Weekday (GB) (o/o Timepiece) --> Galileo
Where (IRE) (dam of Rain Goddess) --> Galileo
Words (IRE) (o/o Moonstone) --> Galileo
Wuheida (GB) --> Galileo

You'resothrilling (dam of Gleneagles, etc.) --> Galileo
Ysoldina (FR) (dam of Wings Of Eagles) --> Galileo
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