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soooo I don't own a horse, and my loan is pretty non problematic, as far as injurys go, her owner will leave me instructions on what to do if there is a problem with her.
so because of this I actually know very little at upkeep other than how to groom and handle a horse... and a bit about mixing feed, haying ect... any way to get to the point, I saw an ad for a horse... their previous loaner had put baby oil on the horse to treat sweet itch and then turned them out (according to the owner, loaner said the horse was stalled) but the baby oil essentially burnt the horse- leaving scaring on the poor thing all over her mane and tail... thinking about it, as someone who wants to keep a horse by themselves, I would NOT have known such an injury was possible- so now I'm wondering if there are other wise sensible sounding ideas that actually work out terrible irl... or just some odd scraps of advice/sayings you think are worth knowing!
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Very generally speaking: blaming the horse instead of the owner and dishing out advice how to "fix" the "bad horse". It's usually a people problem, not a horse problem.
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