CHRB Steward Minutes

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GG W/E 3/29

Mutual Combat- their words
"03-29-154 MUTUAL COMBAT (15GG0024 – 15GG0035)
Grooms Richard Corbitt and Carlos Laboy-Lopez met with the Stewards regarding a security report indicating an altercation that took place on January 14, 2015.
Both individuals acknowledged an incident occurred, with each blaming the other for instigating the dispute. They were both employed by trainer Jamey Thomas and have had no problems since. Each groom left the office with a warning."

SA W/E 3/28-
Believe Too incident-
"3/26/154 ACCIDENT
Following the running of the first race, third place finisher #6 BELIEVE TOO, collapsed of heat exhaustion a furlong past the wire. Jockey RAFAEL BEJARANO was unseated and transported to first aid where he was taken off of his mounts for the remainder of the card, complaining of neck pain. The horse was revived and vanned off. A claim was voided because the horse was placed on the veterinarian’s list as unsound. Accident report attached."

Whip rule-
"3/27/153 VALDEZ HEARING and RULING - LATS #075
Jockey FELIPE VALDEZ came to the office for an informal hearing to discuss case number 15SA083 which alleged a whip violation:
for violation of California Horse Racing Board rule #1688(B)(3)(Use of Whips – causing a break in the skin) during the fifth race at Santa Anita Park on
February 26, 2015."
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