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For some reason I ended up looking up her produce record tonight and saw she only had 4 foals listed on Pedigree Query. I know this isn't 100% right but I went and looked on Equineline and couldn't find any more. However I found an article from when Spectacular Bid died in 2003. His breeder said, she sold 1/2 interest in Spectacular to Robert Sangster who shipped her to Coolmore in Ireland. When she started having trouble conceiving she was shipped back to the owner's CA home where she lived out hers days. Did she have no foals at all in Ireland? I truly can't find any. I guess the article is vague but to me it sounds like she had foals there. I guess its just weird that it makes it seem like she did but I can't find any.

"She privately sold a half-interest in the mare to Robert Sangster, who shipped her to Coolmore in Ireland. The mare never produced anything like Spectacular Bid again, and in fact he remains her only stakes winner. Eventually, when Spectacular began to have trouble conceiving, Sangster offered to return her to Jason."

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