*** 2016 ~ BLIND LUCK RESULTS ***

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Envy the Blind ...
The ones who can't see
And are not influenced
By any "Reality"

We had 16 pair of eyes today
Each with insight galore
Everyone fervently hoping
To see their number score

There were 20 Horses in the gate
Each with a chance at Glory
But When the finish line appeared
There was only just one story

Out of our 16 players
Just One had gotten it right
'Triskaidekaphobia' = the reason
Fear of #13 had ruled the night

And when the dust had cleared
We interviewed the Winner
As she consumed Meow Mix
For her Celebration Dinner

But her reaction wasn't "Joyous"
Even though she WON the day
So now you'll see her answer
Of just what Ruff had to say ~

"Some people fear #13
They think it brings "Bad Luck"
But it's always been my favorite
Till with Nyquist I got "Stuck" -- :x

There were 3 Grays I wanted
Plus 'Mor Spirit' I Adore ~
Mohaymen ----- Lani ----- Destin
Yet none of those would score -- :(

I understand the "Fervor"
Of the Nyquist fans I see
His record is most awesome
So To that I will agree -- :mrgreen:

The heart wants what it wants
My heart just wanted Gray
So isn't it IRONIC
That I won the game today -- :lol:

Lady Luck had just decided
That the #13 would bring glory
And for many that was true
But not in this Cat's story -- :roll:

So, Yeh I Won the contest
But if I could have my way
I'd rather lose the glory
And the Winner be a GRAY" -- ;)

:mrgreen: HONORABLE MENTION -- :mrgreen:

Horse Crazy Gal & Peeptoad
Came Close ~ But not good Enuff
#13 Was Their 2nd Choice
But it was #1 For RUFF!
:mrgreen: ~ :D ~ :lol: ~ :mrgreen:

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Ha ha, that was a great poem, Ruff! Congrats!
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